PI TALK – Links

MON 6th MARCH 2023

Thank you everyone for coming and for making us feel so welcome! And glad to present our drone (or UAS) flying talk to you all.

We mentioned quite a lot of stuff, but don’t want to overwhelm, so have put some links on here to get you going. Please ask if you want any more.

Andy Harris & Mike Kenmore

Mike Kenmore :-

Andy Harris :-

Basic Drone Links :-

Common Phone Apps:-

There are many Phone apps for supporting drone flight but you’ll need some basic ones to ensure you can fly safely. Find these on your app store.

  • Drone Assist or FlySafe are apps for checking for no fly zones or temporary flight restrictions (free).
  • UAV Forecast is an app that tells you if the prevailing weather conditions (wind, rain etc) are suitable for flying (basic is free, longer forecast range is an annual subscription)

You Tube informative and demonstrative links:-


Facebook Groups:-

These can be useful but take care not to treat anything said as gospel, as like most Facebook groups there is a lot of ignorance and mischievousness…